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  1. By Adam Kinzinger In a previous post, I wrote about the decline in civics instruction in our schools, which leaves the vast majority of kids ignorant of how our democratic republic works, the rights and protections conferred by the Constitution, and what Lincoln described as a “go
  2. DC: Full scale lawfare in progress. It’s been raining motions to dismiss and delay. Furious opposition incoming from the DOJ, including a motion to lift the stay on his gag order and revise the terms of his conditional release. Mark Meadows immunity deal raises the stakes. The gl
  3. Musk really killing it over at X. In September 2023, monthly active users for X/Twitter had dropped 15% worldwide (and 18% in the U.S.) year-over-year … U.S. ad spending on X/Twitter by major ad agencies dropped 54%…
  4. So Mikey Pence is out of the race. I was just thinking, no Democrat wanted him in office and the Jan 6th MAGA terrorists wanted to kill him. Exactly what demographic was he going for? 🤣

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