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  1. #Florida has purged more than 1 million voters from the voter registration in one year. Check your registration before the deadline, which is 29 days before the next election. #Vote #RegistertoVote #VoteBlue Florida voter registration purge
  2. RULING from Judge Chutkan (Jack Smith/DC criminal trial of Trump) She mostly agrees with what Jack Smith requested. Note, she pauses all proceedings until Appeals Court rules (they will rule fast). She does not ABANDON the March 4 date. She does NOT release Trump from Gag order et
  3. If you want to read Judge Chutkan's 7 page decision against Trump on these silly subpoena requests, here is the full ruling:
  4. Let's be clear: A vote for No Labels is a vote for Trump. A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump. A vote for Cornel West is a vote for Trump. A vote for Robert Kennedy is a vote for Trump. Not voting is a vote for Trump. A vote for Biden & Democrats is a vote for democracy.
  5. Good news—Georgia prosecutors have texts and emails proving Trump’s team is behind voting system breach. Indictments of Trump and over a dozen others likely this week. Have a great day!
  6. This is my digital homage to Vermeer... it takes two women from his most famous paintings and puts them together to create a new narrative. You can purchase the piece from my site here: This is work from 2011. It would make a great gift.
  7. Source: Catherine Campbell Poetry ❤️ #LiveAndLearn #loveyourneighbor
  8. Jesus Fucking Christ “GOP” if we are really gonna do this then fuck it fine, let’s do this — NO there is no “nuance” to slavery. There was no “upside”. No “personal benefit”. There are not in Fucking fact “two sides” to motherfucking slavery. So cut the shit, you gaslighting, histo
  9. We're thrilled to announce that Post's iOS app is now available! Android users, we're already working on an app for you. Thanks again to all of our Posties who've helped shape our platform. Click this link to go to the App Store, and read more about it in our FAQ .
  10. 🚨BREAKING: Harris County, Texas has filed a lawsuit challenging a new law that targets the county's election administration. Wishing the excellent lawyers representing the county good luck!
  11. STOP LYING, JIM! Trump-appointed prosecutor David Weiss just FIRED BACK at Jim Jordan for his lies about the Hunter Biden investigation. See the letter:
  12. Everyone following me here Post, please make sure to also follow @democracydocket . Thank you.
  13. Medicare for All would save $450B a year. Every dollar spent on food stamps generates $1.50-$1.80 in economic activity. Each dollar going to low-wage workers adds $1.20 to the economy overall. It’s not about what this country can or can’t afford. It’s about priorities.
  14. need some good news? Jack Smith just gave immunity to at least two fake electors and now they're testifying against Trump. tick fucking tock, Donny

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