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  1. Let's talk about Rolling Stone, and now ABC, CNN and NBC's confirmation that the three statutes mentioned in donald trump's target letter from Special Counsel for 1/6 include: Witness Tampering Conspiracy to Defraud the US and Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law First, the Consp
  2. Where were the moderate Republican voices? Silent.
  3. GOP stranglehold on US military promotions threaten troops, families and US security.
  4. Doing business in China? Warning.
  5. Russia planning on disconnecting citizens from the world information? Apparently, there was a practice run.
  6. Trudeau Truth. Worth the time to watch.
  7. Local journalism, quality reporting is critical to democracy. Not getting it on major social media sites is a problem.
  8. 😳
  9. And that means literal danger/oppression for women, youth, and minorities.
  10. 🤔
  11. #fourthofjuly Happy July 4th!
  12. Top ten worse maternal care states are some of the same that banned women’s reproductive rights. Hypocrisy in action. Tell it, Kamala.

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