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  1. I appreciate this breakdown!
  2. BREAKING: Donald Trump has been indicted by the DoJ in the documents case. Details are scant, but I have heard that there are at least 7 counts which include Obstruction, Conspiracy, and retention of national defense information (793e under the espionage act). Follow me here for a
  3. By Rachel Kyte, Dean of the Fletcher School, Tufts University Over recent months there has been an orchestrated pushback against investors and insurers who integrate the risks of climate change into their business models. That pushback – emanating from Republican-led states – is h
  4. Thinking about how I tried to warn everyone that Trump was not the successful businessman he claimed, he was a conman, liar, thief, elitist who lacks basic understanding of economics and never did anything unless there was a benefit for his own interests

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