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  1. Putin’s uncontrolled madness has been at enormous cost #Russia - you need to wake up and reject this animal !
  2. Let’s talk about “God making trump” shall we. When Donald was a 5 year-old boy, he was caught throwing rocks at a baby in a crib in the neighboring yard. When he was eligible for the draft, while his peers went off to war, he sought medical deferments for an ailment he didn’t have.
  3. JAL a fine example.

    Yep - training has paid off BIG time here. What a truly amazing effort by all JAL crew and ground emergency services; well done them! Our lesson? Listen and adhere to safety instructions in the air travel environment Every Single Time.
  4. A Dictator for one day? As if anyone would believe that possible! Trump’s lunacy will create havoc
  5. There it is a common sense by the bucket load - but for some it means nothing!
  6. A leader of his times. Condolences to the family.
  7. That’s it. The Musk era of Twitter X has another loss. account deleted #enoughisenough

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