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  1. In search of an alternative to Twitter

    It's going to be interesting to see what replaces Twitter - every platform is kind of its own thing. There is a bit of a mad dash right now to fill the void created by Twitter's demise. In the end, what made Twitter Twitter was the mass of users it had - this was ultimately what
  2. Get the fresh flying fuck off Twitter.
  3. The mask is off and it is clear to all paying attention that he has absolutely no clue what he is doing.
  4. Republicans aren't going to fix this because they want this. They want our society to be violent. They want us to be scared and in danger so that we will accept the creep of fascist authoritarianism into every facet of our lives. They want justification for turning schools into p
  5. Yes please
  6. Goes right alongside the myth of meritocracy
  7. Well, Elon did one thing - convinced me to join Post. Hi everyone 👋

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