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Jim MacMillan is the founder and director of the Center for Gun Violence Reporting. He has been a fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma and the Knight-Wallace Fellows, as well as a visiting assistant professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism and Swarthmore College. Previously, MacMillan spent 17 years at the Philadelphia Daily News and photographed the war in Iraq for The Associated Press, after which he and his team were awarded The Pulitzer Prize.

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  1. ""Weekend""

    How's your Saturday going? It's not always like this but I stayed up until 2 a.m. with to-dos and scheduling, I just sent 14 business emails, took one call, scheduled an upcoming podcast appearance and I'm Zooming in for a classroom visit next hour. In case you want to help:
  2. Here's another picture from my shared exhibition at the Charles Library at Temple University now. Caption, background and gallery info:
  3. Endless outreach now...

    Our Weekly Brief just went live with updates on our documentary tour, plus video discussing our recent workshop and more. Read and subscribe for free:
  4. This week: PCGVR goes to Washington. Lehigh University checks in on our research collaborative. Don’t miss our webinars.
  5. On exhibit

    Here's another picture from my shared exhibition at Temple University now, an anti-war sit-in from 2002. Caption, background and gallery info:
  6. This just in

    The Weekly Brief just went live, with: Fewer shooting victims recorded last month in Philadelphia than during any month since Feb. 2109. Three PCGVR events coming up in the next eight days. Plus fact, checks, new research and more. Read & subscribe:
  7. Better Gun Violence Reporting

    Register now and log in Friday for the National Press Club Journalism Institute's panel on reporting firearm violence, including from left: Jennifer Mascia of The Trace, Abené Clayton of the Guardian and Dr. Jessica Beard, our research director at the Philadelphia Center for Gun
  8. I posted another photo from my (shared) exhibition at Temple. More info on the photo and on visiting the gallery:
  9. Heading to Washington

    Just sent out our Weekly Brief, announcing our next Second Trauma screening and panel taking place at American University on Feb. 14. Read and subscribe for free:
  10. I posted another photo from my (shared) exhibition at Temple. More info on the photo and on visiting the gallery:
  11. Persistent protester

    Here's one more from my (shared) exhibition at Temple (though it was shortened by a week, now ending March 24). I'll be back in the office (a block away) more often beginning tomorrow, if you'd like to grab a coffee or lunch with your visit. Wall notes: Police Officials Shake Hands
  12. Crime Coverage Summit Panel

    In today's Weekly Brief: The core team behind The Second Trauma, our new collaborative short documentary, was invited to speak in Philadelphia yesterday at the Crime Coverage Summit organized by the Radio Television Digital News Association and National Press Foundation, with sup
  13. Leaping into 2024 at PCGVR:

    Our free Weekly Brief email newsletter just went live. This week: The Second Trauma documentary is almost here, a researcher digs into our Credible Messenger Reporting Project, year-end shooting victims totals are in, and down significantly. Read and subscribe:
  14. Year-end giving made easy. Support the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting.

    We are proud of our progress and excited to contribute significantly to addressing Philadelphia’s gun violence crisis while shaping journalism practices along the way. And we will reveal even bigger plans for 2024 very soon. But we need your help. Please make a contribution now.
  15. Subscribe for free. Donate to make a difference.

    Our final Weekly Brief of 2023 reflects on what we've done during the past 12 months, introduces some plans for 2024 and invites you to help. Read and subscribe for free:
  16. Breaking out in 2023: PCGVR Year in Review

    We had a breakthrough year in 2023, leveraging new and renewed funding to expand our staff, convene more events, provide support to more than 80 community experts and professional journalists, collaborate with more than 30 organizations, publish our first study and share findings
  17. From the exhibition:

    I just posted a new/old photo to my home page from my new exhibition. Wall notes: Demonstrators Block Traffic During Anti-war Demonstration Shortly Before US Invasion of Iraq North Broad Street Center City 2003 Jim MacMillan More info:
  18. This has been another breakthrough year for our team and we are breaking it down with a "Year in Review" throughout the rest of this month. You can check out January, 2023 now:
  19. Weekly Brief on Gun Violence Prevention in Philadelphia

    ICYMI: This week's Weekly Brief had some notes on our first Gun Violence Prevention Reporter Certification Workshop last week. It's free to subscribe:
  20. Free newsletter

    Our more comprehensive free Weekly Brief email newsletter also went out this morning. The latest: We’ve got a full house coming for our first Gun Violence Prevention Reporter Certification Workshop next week.

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