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  1. When North Carolina enacted its new illegal map, I promised my team would sue. Today, we did.
  2. The former veep reportedly told Jack Smith that in January 2020, he was worried certifying Joe Biden's win would be “too hurtful to my friend,” i.e., Donald Trump. By Eric Lutz Were it not for the Marine son of Mike Pence , the nation might have endured a constitutional crisis worse
  3. listen up, stupids: you told us Hunter Biden was corrupt. fine, we said, show us the evidence. so you showed us pics of Hunter Biden's dick. dick pics are not evidence. your whistleblowers made a bunch of allegations. but they didn't have any evidence. then you deposed Devon Arch
  4. I have obtained a copy of the plaintiff's 67-page appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court to keep Trump off the ballot pursuant to §3 of 14th Amendment of the Constitution before it hits the docket. As soon as I have a link to a court-stamped copy, I'll provide it. For now, I wanted
  5. A Michigan law requires coverage of cancer drugs. One insurer came up with a “defensible” way to avoid paying for treatments that offered Forrest VanPatten his last chance for survival. “We crossed the line,” says a former executive. Forrest VanPatten was 50 and strong after years
  6. So let me get this straight. The GOP got rid of their Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, because he dared push through a continuing resolution on the budget with the help of mostly Democrats. So after cycling through four possible other leaders, they pick a guy with zero experience and ton
  7. So Donald Trump co-signed daydreaming about personally and forcibly arresting NY AG Letitia James and NY Judge Arthur Engoron — when he’s been sitting in a courtroom only feet away from them? Anyone else doing this would be getting a visit from law enforcement. What a thug.
  8. Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany with only 43.9% of the vote. But because the anti-Hitler forces were divided, Hitler won. Hitler then made himself dictator and abolished free elections.
  9. Kidney slams to the back from Kevin McCarthy? Fight Club in the Senate broken up by (checks notes) Sen. Bernie Sanders? What on Earth is going on within the GOP? They have lost their collective marbles. They are utterly unruly and ungovernable. Send them all packing next November
  10. congratulations to the literally zero Republicans standing up to denounce Donald Trump for using blatant Nazi rhetoric. awesome job, you gutless fucking cowards, take a victory lap
  11. congratulations to the literally zero Republicans standing up to denounce Donald Trump for using blatant Nazi rhetoric. awesome job, you gutless fucking cowards, take a victory lap
  12. According to The Daily Beast, not only did Speaker Mike Johnson fail to disclose any bank or investment account covering his many years in Congress, he also appears to have failed to disclose an all-expenses paid junket to speak at a conservative rally, or he used government fund
  13. I wrote a thing: "Donald Trump is now openly channeling Hitler. what could go wrong?" on Saturday, Trump crossed a line. reading, and please sign up for my FREE newsletter to keep getting the good stuff —
  14. It is so difficult to read about mass detention camps being proposed again, here in America.
  15. GOP Party Chair Ronna McDaniel said the party would support Donald Trump as their presidential nominee, even if a jury convicted of a crime, if their voters chose him. Do you hear how crazy that sounds? Their party has lost all moral bearing years ago.
  16. I am seeing an outpouring of support today for the work of Democracy Docket. If you want to help keep it free for all, you can donate here.
  17. The former guy refers to the January 6 defendants as “hostages” and “political prisoners.” We must never forget this: They are people who physically assaulted police officers while trying to stop the peaceful transfer of power. They are no heroes. They are convicted felons.
  18. Good luck with that.
  19. We now regularly hear that even conservative, Trump-appointed judges have ordered states like Alabama and Louisiana to redraw their Congressional maps. What this means is that these courts AGREED these state had engaged in racist gerrymanders to dilute Black votes. Shameful.
  20. Before they died, Jennifer Kirk and Sue Sue Norton were both victims of domestic violence, but the men involved — the ex-mayor’s sons — faced few consequences despite a long history of similar allegations. KOTZEBUE, Alaska — On a subzero Monday morning in March 2020, police found

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