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  1. I think the larger problem is that the House of Representatives has frozen their number for a century. If the number of Representatives increased so that each district contained substantially the same population both Congress and the Electoral College would be much fairer.
  2. I don't see how the ruling reducing the required appeal surety bond amount helps Mr. Trump obtain a surety bond. It seems his only recourse is to deposit the judgement surety amount in cash with the court. If I were a bonding company, I would be very leery about any asset used as
  3. Nonsensical

    Whether and if so to what extent does a former President enjoy presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office. I've seen multiple reports citing the above as The Question to be argued before the Supreme Cour
  4. It's infuriating the Supreme Court thinks the idea of presidential immunity from criminal conduct is worth several months of thought and argument. When they rule 6 - 3 in his favor, they'll attach a note saying the ruling is not a precedent like they did in Bush v. Gore.
  5. I just listened to Nancy Pelosi compare George Washington to DJT. Such evocative imagery. GW: I cannot tell a lie. I chopped down the cherry tree. DJT: I cannot tell the truth. The cherry tree experienced sudden death syndrome due to a witch hunt of election interference. I have
  6. One of my all-time favorite tunes - "Growing Older But Not Up" by Jimmy Buffett.
  7. It is a quintessential aspect of democracy that the rules are set before the election, and enforced both before and after the election. To me, this is the essence of the argument made by Judge Luttig. It seems based on the oral arguments yesterday that our Supreme Court does not
  8. Kareem Abdul Jabbar: "Being selfish animals, we will try to justify behavior that we know is bad, but being aspirational beings trying to be more than animal instincts, we will wrestle with those base impulses. That’s when we are our best selves trying to create our best communit
  9. Former President Trump thinks, and his sycophants agree, that he was born great. He (and his sick-O-fans) is wrong. President Joseph Biden has had greatness thrust upon him, and he is standing up to fight.
  10. "Somewhere in Hell, Hitler is furious with Trump for making him look bad." - John Fugelstang
  11. "A noun, a verb, chapter 11" - John Fugelstang
  12. "X, formerly known as Twitter" ; "X (formerly known as Twitter)" ; "Xitter" {Shitter, Chitter, etc.} It's time to stop all those reminders. The point has been made. Let it be.
  13. I can only believe Rs are being deliberetly petulant. The one thing which will get them out of thier current jam is the one thing they refuse to do. 30 years ago Newt Gingrich preached "never compromise" and Rs sang the chorus. Newt said the only acceptable resolution was "Democr
  14. The pride of a job well done
  15. Prior to the 2020 election each state named a slate of "Trump electors." The perpetrators of the electoral vote delay plan had to substitute in people as "alternate electors" because some of the pre-election named persons wouldn't go along. I remain convinced this fact stands as

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