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  1. X is in advertising trouble even if Elon Musk doesn’t want to admit it

    Elon Musk might need a bit more than those $8 subscription fees to offset huge losses if X’s advertising picture doesn’t stop getting worse.
  2. Troubled NYC mayor Eric Adams accused of raping woman in 1993 in shocking lawsuit

    Embattled New York City mayor Eric Adams is now not only under investigation for alleged corruption, but now sexual assault. According to a lawsuit filed in New York, Adams has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 1993 that he is understood to have worked with at the C
  3. Binance cans CEO, will pay billions in fines after copping to money laundering and other charges

    Binance’s Changpeng Zhao is out of a job after a stunning admission that money laundering indeed was going on behind the scenes at the world’s largest crypto exchange.
  4. courtesy of just watch, this week’s top 10 TV shows and movies in America are here.
  5. NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ relationship with the Turks goes much deeper than what was previously known

    When it comes to Eric Adams’ love for Turkey, his love apparently goes much deeper than initially known. With several rounds of praise; business meetings, and more than 80 events in which he attended with the Turks.
  6. Horror: CA nanny guilty of abusing 16 boys over the course of five years in shocking criminal case

    A male nanny in California has been sentenced to more than 700 years in prison after being found guilty of sexually abusing at least 16 boys over the span of five years.
  7. Case of girl abducted from NY park earlier this year (and then found safe) takes new turn

    The man who infamously sparked a massive manhunt for young girl he abducted earlier this year in New York has now been charged with sexually assaulting her.
  8. It looks to be like #NYC ‘s #EricAdams has been up to allot more than just running the nation’s largest city.
  9. Russell Brand has been accused of sexual assault by yet another woman

    Disgraced comedian #RussellBrand has once more been accused of being a sexual predator. According to a new lawsuit, Brand has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the 2011 set of Arthur. The woman identified only as Jane Doe claims that Brand sexually assaulted her in
  10. #Friends alum #MatthewPerry has died.
  11. Fascinating tomb found in Scotland

    Researchers have discovered a #tomb in #Scotland that appears to have skeletons hugging each other inside. The find is at least 5,000 years old according to the Museum of Scotland.
  12. Professional basketball player #DwightHoward has addressed claims that he sexually abused a man in his Georgia home.
  13. Meryl Streep divorcing husband Don Gummer after 45 years of marriage: Reports

    Movie icon #MerylStreep is a single lady after filing for divorce after more than 45 years of marriage to #DonGummer . The Hollywood couple has been living apart for the past six years in secret but only just now confirmed their split. #movies #tv
  14. #JimJordan is out of the #housespeaker race as #GOP chaos continues.
  15. #JoeBiden has asked for more than $105B in funding to provide aid to various sources as taxpayers prepare to foot huge bill. #Israel #Ukraine
  16. Preview this week’s top 10 movies and tv shows in the United States

    The top 10 #movies and #tv shows in the #US this week are here brought to you by #JustWatch as part of #BazaarDaily ‘s streaming calendar.
  17. #Netflix has raised its prices again.
  18. The Evening Report by Bazaar Daily

    The #EveningReport is here. #sinaloacartel allegedly murdering those producing fentanyl, aid is finally going into #Gaza , Gaza hospital blast sparks outrage, plus what’s on Netflix tonight.
  19. This week’s top 10 #movies and #tv shows in the #UK are here.
  20. Britney Spears: I had secret abortion because Justin Timberlake didn’t want to be a Dad

    US pop icon #BritneySpears on the cusp of the release of her anticipated memoir #WomanInMe has shared excerpts from the book that have revealed she had an abortion.

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