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I was the unloved Musk child... no emeralds, no PayPal, no nothing. I like politics but love science. I love Twitter (unlike my brother.) Quoted in Newsweek

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  1. Ukraine

    I know everyone now is an expert in cluster munitions but the only cluster I’m worried about is the clusterfuck that is the treasonous GOP winning the next election because the @DNC runs a clusterfuck of a campaign. #VoteBlue
  2. #Nature #ValleyofFire
  3. Today in Florida...

    I assume "Malaria" is what Ron calls his wife now because it sounds like Melania. Malaria Detected in Florida as Key Infectious Disease Positions Sit Vacant
  4. There is a lot to unpack here...
  5. This is why disbarment is the harsh, but necessary, sanction for Giuliani's conduct in the Pennsylvania case challenging the 2020 election.
  6. By @marcelias As another acrimonious U.S. Supreme Court term ended, Chief Justice John Roberts wanted the last word. In the penultimate paragraph of the last announced decision — in which a conservative 6-3 majority struck down President Joe Biden’s loa
  7. There is no end to the lunacy of the MAGA cult.
  8. Meta's Threads...
  9. The GOP was a few days early to celebrate Liberian Independence Day. (July 26th guys) #4thofJuly
  10. Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition

    I suspect the commissioner of Major League Eating founded this thing so he didn't always seem like the weird one in the group. Spoiler alert... it didn't work. #HotDogs #4thofJuly #Nathans

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