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  1. New @aisle45pod with @MuellerSheWrote & @petestrzok . #MSWMedia Listen HERE
  2. Catch the latest @JATQPodcast with @BrianKarem. #MSWMedia Listen HERE
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  4. Let's discuss the one-year delay in opening the 1/6 probe, and which questions we should be asking. I, too, am frustrated by the delay, but every situation has nuance, and while Merrick Garland is the Attorney General, it's disingenuous to place all the blame on him (though I thi
  5. BREAKING: Donald Trump has been indicted by the DoJ in the documents case. Details are scant, but I have heard that there are at least 7 counts which include Obstruction, Conspiracy, and retention of national defense information (793e under the espionage act). Follow me here for a
  6. BREAKING: Trump was told last week that he's a target in the documents case. I had posited that after donald went on his rants on Truth Social that he'd been informed that he was going to be indicted by Jack Smith, and that his lawyers came in this past Monday in response to noti

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