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Ridin with Biden 2024

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  1. Truth #Constitution
  2. ANYONE who isn’t MAGA actually suggesting that consequences for Donald Trump would do more damage to this country than good, either hasn’t been paying attention, has a brain-eating amoeba, plays by some archaic rules which no longer exist, or is just plain fucking stupid.
  3. Better deal: Let’s stop ‘doing deals’ with the fascist white supremacist minority that always costs the democratic majority its power and rights.
  4. I hope you read my latest. Donald Trump is plotting to overthrow American democracy. It is not a secret, and he is not subtle. The only question is whether enough people will care enough to stop it.
  5. Another reason why it’s so important to vote in every damn local election.
  6. X is dying #DNR

    This #post is an Interesting place 🤨🧐 so for reliable news you come to #Postapp , and for civil discourse with intelligent people who believe Biden won & trump is nuts you go to #Threads . Mosseri is giving Elmo a run for his free speech

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