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  1. By Denise Royal and Carlos Suarez, CNN Floridians can no longer elect to update or change their gender on Florida driver’s licenses, according to a memo sent to state officials by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and obtained by CNN. In the Friday memo, Robert Ky
  2. Dear journalist: This is how you crush a FL House Republican MAGA, who is trying to take credit for legislation, she voted against. #Florida It’s not hard, be prepared for the interview and execute .
  3. DeSantis now is going to end Sociology classes in Florida Schools. He does not want people study about the ills of society. Sociology is more than that but to DeSantis it is a subject that is corrupting our educational system. Read more:
  4. Reminder to Floridians: DeSantis screwed us to the tune of $11 Billion because of his political stunts. #Florida
  5. President Biden in #Florida . Defendant Trump is a wannabe dictator. By August, #Florida will be in play. 😎
  6. Put these same questions to every #Florida extremist MAGA Republican candidate. All of them. 😎 They will crumble, just like this. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  7. very bad look for #MSNBC @MSNBC for dumping on #MedhiHassan

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