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My dog even hates Trump.

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  1. I tried to respond to many of you, now I will go take a walk to clear my head This NY Appeals Court is bad. It will also end up hurting State of NY. Judge Engoron ruled $457 million for NY Trump is not worth that much. Now NY Appeals Ct lets Trump delay paying NY, he pays some bank
  2. FIRST about NY Appeals Court $175 million bond The Engoron ruling stands. Trump still owes $457 million to state of New York today, and that amount grows by $113,500 every day until that debt is paid Now NY Appeals Court will hear his appeal. That happens late NEXT YEAR (2025). The
  3. Secondly Trump still has to post this $175 million dollar bond. He has 10 days to do so. If he can post the bond in 10 days, this ruling is 'stayed' so delayed for over a year If Trump has not posted this $175 million dollar bond in 10 days, then Letitia James can collect $458 mil
  4. If you feel like saying Trump gets away with it every time, you have the full right to say so about this. This is not justice. The rich white dude gets away with less than any other criminal. This is a bad call by the NY Appeals Court Trump legal maneuvers pulled a rare win for hi
  5. Today's Reading comes from the Biglier Trumpian Bible, the Chapter of the Bloodbath, the Parable of the Golden Shoe Behold 30 days after Engoron becometh Letitia. Very truly I say unto you, Letitia taketh all. His humble abode. His humble chariot in the sky. His humble cemetery at
  6. By Alex Woodward The judge overseeing Donald Trump ’s criminal trial stemming from hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels has rejected the former president ’s attempts to block her testimony. On Monday, New York Judge Juan Merchan also rejected Mr Trump’s attempts to b
  7. One tidbit from year 2025. When Peter Bizarro is released from serving 4 months in a federal prison now in July 2024, early next Congress they HAVE to issue SAME subpoena to Navarro and make him show up to testify. Note, if he AGAIN refuses, his prison term will be LONGER. He wil
  8. With Trump calling for a bloobath, I have been shown a sneak preview of the casting call for the army of the Fourth Reich, sorry, the GOP picnic of January 2025, in DC This is alternately known as Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles, but the extended play edition about The Assassinator. En
  9. Scenario 3 Trump/4 So in the absolute worst case for Trump, he is instantly bankrupted and everyhing is sold at auction and all of that goes just to pay various debts, that there is nothing Then E Jean Carroll STILL GETS the $5.5 million. That only awaits the Appeals Court ruling,
  10. Scenario 3 Trump/3 So if Trump truly is ALREADY broke, the banks will all call in their loans, he has NOTHING to pay either Engoron OR E Jean Carroll, & they just take everything and liquidate it all Then there is a SWEET SWEET silver lining He ALREADY paid E Jean Carroll that $5.5M
  11. Scenario 3 Trump/2 It's totally in Trump operating style, that he would have fully mortgaged the same property TWICE. To two unsuspecting lenders - with his crooked accountants preparing total fairy tale accounting It is possible that TODAY Trump is worth less than zero. HIs debts
  12. Scenario 3 Trump/1 So my Scenario 3 says, what if Trump has NEGATIVE wealth today. He is a total fraud, it could be he has NOTHING. And has lived on an illusion of wealth, and an ever ballooning ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme of bank loans to try to escape bankruptcy If his debts a
  13. Scenario 2 Trump/1 But I have a second scenario for you. I think Karma is being just slightly more Karmalicious this year for Trump, this Annus Horribilus he is having THIS scenario would be a bit more... delish.. That Engoron number? $355 million.. What if?
  14. Scenario 1 Trump/8 The penalties on tax fraud are AT LEAST twice the total taxes due incl interest. So Trump owes NY tax authority and IRS $300 million He will pay $900 million We just calculated that after Engoron & E Jean, he only has $800 million That means Herr Schoe ist kaput.
  15. Scenario 1 Trump/7 I did the Trumpomath for you on that $48 million ghost loan a couple of weeks ago. It is an ANNUAL tax scam worth $18M. That times 10 years is $180 million. With interest Trump owes tax man $300 million That alone is biggest tax fraud in US history !!! And taxman
  16. Scenario 1 Trump/6 So yes. The Manhattan DA said in the Weisselberg tax fraud trial, that there is also a BIGGER Tax fraud than Weisselberg at Trump Org. That is obviously Trump Barbara Jones revealed numbers for ONE tax fraud. It is the $48 million ghost loan. That is a tax evasio
  17. Scenario 1 Trump/5 So yes, if Trump genuinely was worth as much as $1.5B today (he is worth less) and sold several buildings to pay both E Jean Carroll and Engoron verdicts He'd still have $800M left. That is a FORTUNE Except next comes his personal TAX FRAUD trial. It is READY TO G
  18. Scenario 1 Trump/4 Ok. If Trump is worth $1.5B, let's take E Jean Carroll and Engoron verdicts. They total today about $537 million But Trump has to liquidate property so he won't get full value ('fire sale') and has to pay taxes. Let's be conservative It costs Trump $700M He's left
  19. Scenario 1 Trump/3 So if not $1.9B, what is 'conservative' estimate? Let's be really generous to Trump and say NY AG found most of the fraud ($600M) and there is 'only' $400M more So Trump actual real wealth today would be $1.5B dollars This is plausible. I am CERTAIN it is LESS. Bu

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