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Lively writing, free to read; no paywall, no ads.    Dooney's Café is a state of mind rooted in a desire to provide authors with the space and freedom to explore issues in greater depth and detail than the mainstream media allows.  

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  1. An 18-year-old Canadian with writerly ambitions, working on his uncle and aunt’s Sussex pig farm, gets to meet the butler of famed English literary critic, Cyril Connelly. Ch. 8 of “The Sussex Variations, or Two Boars.”
  2. In 1983 Leningrad, at an underground art exhibition, Mikhail Iossel meets a German man who tells Iossel how he survived the Nazi era. A story in a burning sentence.
  3. Review: In his new book, “It’s OK To Be Angry About Capitalism,” Bernie Sanders counsels anger at the powers-that-be and assures readers it’s okay to be angry. Stan Persky thinks it’s a compelling argument.
  4. Brian Fawcett learns about the gory details of life on the farm. Ch. 4 of “The Sussex Variations.”

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