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Putting science into the assessment of research.

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  1. Does your academic institution, department, or faculty have an openly available responsible research action plan, policy, or practice that you’d like to share with peers? Submit it for consideration to be included in #Reformscape !
  2. Flashback Friday: The #scholcommlab conducted a multi-year project to examine recognition & reward practices in review, promotion, and tenure in 60 US and Canadian universities. The outputs of this project are summarized here:
  3. ❔ Research on Research Institutes’ partners and researchers met to exchange ideas and work on new projects, including the funding and evaluation of transdisciplinary research and many more projects. RoRI consortium annual meeting in Hannover, December 2023
  4. ❔ “2023 in review: DORA’s list of new developments in research assessment” is a great resource to learn about some of the latest developments in #ResearchAssessment reform. Find and share all of our biggest events, blogs, and resources from last year:
  5. DORA’s newest resource, #Reformscape , includes curated insights into the data from the #ProjectTARA team. The insights are a great starting point to show you the different ways you can use Reformscape and the type of information you can find. You can find them in the carousel nea
  6. Want to get in touch with DORA? Use our contact form:
  7. Reward systems that rely on easily measurable quantities can lead people to “game” ♟ the system. Michele Catanzaro summarizes Domingo Docampo's research into citation cartels, which appear directed at artificially improving their universities’ rankings. 👇 Citation cartels help some
  8. In a recent opinion piece, “DORA on steroids,” Howy Jacobs of Tampere University 🇫🇮 suggests how the DORA principles could be expanded upon: • More detailed descriptions of contributions • More recognition of people who do assessment Read more 🔓:
  9. Responsible research assessment involves the recognition of a broad range of scholarly work, beyond the JIF. To this end, #Reformscape includes policies & practices that reward entrepreneurship, leadership, social impact & more.
  10. 🆕 Blog post from Policy Associate Casey Donahoe summarizes DORA's most recent funder discussion group meeting where Sean Sapcariu presented on PEP-CV & Hiroko Tatesawa shared updates from the Japan Science and Technology Agency 🇯🇵.
  11. Does your academic institution, department, or faculty have an openly available responsible research action plan, policy, or practice that you’d like to share with peers? Submit it to #Reformscape for consideration to be included!
  12. Coverage of DORA's new Reformscape site in Nature news: “How to make academic hiring fair: database lists innovative policies.”
  13. Announcing Reformscape

    Today, DORA is proud to launch #Reformscape , an online tool where you can explore and share approaches to implement responsible #ResearchAssessment for hiring, promotion, and tenure at academic institutions.
  14. ⏲ Less than 1 week to the launch of DORA's #Reformscape , an online tool where you can: - Explore examples of how to bring responsible research assessment for hiring, promotion, and tenure to your institution - Share your approach with others - Read curated insights on Reformscape’s
  15. 🆕 Read about Janne Pölönen's presentation on linguistic biases in evaluation processes, the linguistic publishing landscape, Helsinki Initiative #InAllLanguages , and CoARA multilingualism working group. New blog post on our Initiatives Discussion Group!
  16. Flashback Friday! This 2019 paper described how the Journal Impact Factor is use in academic promotion and tenure decisions in America and Canada, highlighting libraries as a key resource for education on responsible use of metrics.
  17. Coming soon! DORA is launching a new tool to help you explore and share practical examples of how academic institutions are reforming their #ResearchAssessment practices: #Reformscape Go to our site to sign up for the DORA newsletter and receive updates!
  18. 📄 The SPACE rubric is a tool that academic institutions can use to establish a baseline for: 💡 The current state of infrastructural conditions 💡 Their ability to support the development & implementation of new academic assessment practices and activities
  19. 📢 This month is the launch of #Reformscape , a tool to find real-life examples of what institutions are doing to reform their #ResearchAssessment practices for hiring, promotion & more. Go to our website to sign up for the DORA newsletter & receive updates!
  20. "Impact" comes in at #2 on 2024 Banished Words list, published annually by Lake Superior State University.

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