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  1. I wrote a thing: "wait a minute — were Jim Jordan and James Comer knowingly working with a Chinese spy?" not a good look, you rake-stepping clowns. thanks for reading, and please do sign onto my email list to keep getting the good stuff —
  2. Well, I assure you he's batshit crazy...
  3. I got a Threads, but man it’s clunky. It’s showing accounts I don’t want to follow. I have no desire to follow Shaq or Oprah
  4. Here are some things the Founding Fathers definitely did NOT support: - any state-supported religion - foreign influence in US politics - 9 unelected oligarchs legislating - demagogues with cult followings - unregulated use of military weapons
  5. All of their instances are shutting off, and soon they’ll have no cloud presence.
  6. I don’t understand the tipping thing. I read the help pages but it just talks about using the tips to get through a paywall.
  7. Sad day. All my favorite accounts to follow I need to re-find since I deleted Twitter.

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