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Paralegal student, recovering stage manager, friends with the best dog in the world, Resister, blue voter, warrior against lies, seeker of truth, wish I baked more.

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  1. I sang it, I admit.
  2. Republicans: Fix the border! Invasion! Drugs!! Rapists!!! Murderers!!!! Terrorists!!!!! President Biden: Okay, let’s fix the border. Republicans: Umm … hold on a sec. We didn’t mean now. What’s the rush? Just chillax. No worries — this can wait ‘til next year.
  3. Musk's opinion of himself is tied directly to how large his bank account is. I'm thinking he must be feeling pretty "emuskulated" today...
  4. Please read. Robert has so much to say that is so true and so vital.🌟
  5. Looking for the 💙 folks out there to exchange ideas and hope in our fight to keep this dream of democracy working to “Strengthen essential democratic institutions” such as a free press, an independent judicial system and a congress unencumbered by bribery. “Educate people about t

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