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Bend, Oregon

News. Views. Silicon Valley. Branding. Design. Raw Fed Dogs. Plant-based Eating. Anti Crypto. Pro Sanity. Est'd Nov 19, 2022.

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  1. The antidote to anxiety

    Merry Christmas from Mt Bachelor in Bend, OR. I’ve realized something magical living this close to a ski mountain: all life’s stresses go away when skiing. Literally impossible to worry about work,
  2. Attention Economy.

    Hard to divert my eyes away from the train wreck happening at twitter, but the strongest tool we have is our attention. I'm grateful to be paying my attention here, and taking it away from elon -- if
  3. Greetings, humans. So, I'm not following anyone yet ... tho i still have a home page feed? How are those assigned? I'm pulling for Post. Want a place to pay per article, and consume news from all si

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