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  1. What Parts Of You Are You Hiding At Work?

    Deloitte's latest report, Uncovering Culture , in partnership with the Meltzer Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at NYU School of Law, opens with a provocative question: "What pressure might your organization impose on people to minimize their identities?" The answer i
  2. Pros & Cons Of Rejoining Your Former Company

    As shared on Forbes Leadership: Have you ever considered being a “boomerang” and returning back to your former company? With the “Great Resignation” amid the COVID-19 pandemic, boomerang employees are on the rise — these are those who returned to their old jobs after quitting, seek
  3. How The Fem League Cultivates Curiosity And Female Leadership To Confront Global Challenges

    As shared on Forbes Leadership: The Fem League, founded by the dynamic entrepreneur and former model, Yomi Abiola, is not merely a boutique leadership development firm. It is a transformative force dedicated to empowering predominantly individuals who identify as women to become l
  4. In Praise Of The Middle Manager

    As shared on Forbes Leadership: People quit their bosses. They quit for plenty of other reasons, too, but feelings matter, and work is personal. That’s been true for years, but the importance of developing great managers has become more urgent as workforce participation in the U.S
  5. Attracting and Retainer Next Generation Donors

    As shared on Forbes Nonprofit Council: Nonprofit organizations rely on the generosity of donors to fund their mission and create impact. While donors of all ages contribute to these organizations, attracting and retaining younger donors can provide a nonprofit with long-term suppo

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