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Love Beatles Trivia

Eastport Maine and Belfast Prince Edward Island

I am a retired Union fire fighter .  Graduated from the University of Iowa with majors in English and History.  Midwesterner transplanted to downeast fan since 1964.  Like reading about , , .  Born , groomed to be christian, overcame grooming.  Lifelong liberal since I was old enough to know the difference.

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  1. No one wants to smoke a doobie with #PierrePoilievre .
  2. Thanks for the tip @rescuerofcritters
  3. Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

    181 years ago today (February 14), Mr. Kite and The Henderson's performed at the Town Meadows in Rochdale with Pablo Fanques Circus Royal. Sometime many years later John Lennon and George Harrison were shopping in an antique store during a break from recording. John bought a po
  4. Please Please Me

    61 years ago today, on February 10, 1963, The Beatles recorded 10 songs for their debut Parlophone album, Please Please Me . The Fab Four already had recorded four songs for their first two 45 rpm singles and they needed 10 more for an LP. Three of the songs on the album are tak
  5. Hey Jude

    On this date in 1968 (August 26) #TheBeatles released the 45 rpm single “Hey Jude”/”Revolution” in the US. The single was the first (almost) record released under the Apple label. It was part of a four-record debut for the new record company. The three other records released t
  6. She Loves You

    On this date (August 23) in 1963 Parlophone records released #TheBeatles ' 4th 45 rpm single, "She Love You"/"I'll Get You" in the UK. Their first album, Please Please Me , was in its 15th week of its historic 30 week run at the top of the charts, and the new single's sales were
  7. On August 18, 1962, #TheBeatles played a gig at the Hulme Hall in Port Sunlight, Chesire. But this particular gig was a little different than most of their previous gigs. Today The Beatles had a new drummer, #RingoStarr . Ringo at one of his first gigs at The Cavern as a member o
  8. The Indra Club -- Hamburg

    On this date in 1960 #TheBeatles , #JohnLennon , #PaulMcCartney , #GeorgeHarrison , Stu Sutcliffe, and Pete Best arrived in Hamburg, West Germany and played their first gig at The Indra Club. Their almost four month long first stint playing in Hamburg transformed the band into the b
  9. Shea Stadium

    On this date (August 15) in 1965 #TheBeatles played a concert at Shea Stadium in New York City in front of 56,000 people, the first stadium concert and at the time the largest audience ever for a concert. Ed Sullivan introduced The Beatles with the words, “Now, ladies and gentle
  10. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

    The Silkie, Sylvia Tatler (vocals), Mike Ramsden (guitar and vocals), Ivor Aylesbury (guitar and vocals), and Kevin Cunningham (upright bass), were a folk-rock band whose members met at Hull University in Yorkshire. After the foursome graduated in 1964 they perfromed at a club o
  11. Abbey Road

    On this date (August 8) in 1969 The Beatles took a break from recording and posed for pictures for the cover of their upcoming album, which turned out to be Abbey Road . At one point The Fab Four thought about travelling to The Himalaya Mountains so they could have Mt. Everest in
  12. #memorabiliamonday #MemorabiliaMonday Souveniers of her late majesty and her first cousin 12 times removed
  13. #augustphotocontest #Sunset over Point Prim, #PrinceEdwardIsland
  14. #AugustPhotoContest #PhotoContest
  15. The Cavern

    60 years ago today #TheBeatles played their 292nd and final show at The Cavern Club at 10 Matthew Street in Liverpool. Their first show at The Cavern was 9 February, 1961 shortly after they returned from their first stint in Hamburg. August 22, 1962, Ringo's first Cavern Club sh
  16. #memorabiliamonday My #Beatles Collection (Click on picture) 1972 2023
  17. Her Majesty

    On this date (July 30) in 1969 #PaulMcCartney was listening to “The Long One”, the working title for the side-two medley on Abbey Road . He decided that the short song “Her Majesty” just didn’t work between “Mean Mister Mustard” and “Polythene Pam”. With the release of the 50th
  18. #Caturday Happy Caturday everyone! Cheezie (on the counter) Stripes (windowsill) Lizzie (gray) and Snowy (white)
  19. "Help!"

    Behind the scenes on the filming of Help! #Ringo is convered in red paint because he has been marked for sacrifice. On July 23, 1965 The #Beatles released their single "Help" in the UK. It had been released in the US four days earlier. It was a number one hit in both countries,

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