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Starfleet Captain of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-J. Ally of democracy, enemy of nazi fuck face republicans and dishonest liberals. Weed connoisseur

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  1. It's too good not to share 🤣 😂
  2. This is beyond torture. This is a state sanctioned slow walked execution that makes a total mockery of the 8th amendment... A state court forcing a woman to take a non viable pregnancy to full term is beyond cruel and unusual punishment...
  3. Welcome to America where a little more money will get you put in a better jail
  4. I promise you, I won't just roast nazi losers with #StarWars themed insults... I got #StarTrek themed ones too...
  5. Shameless self plug

    I am now available to follow on here, X, and Threads all under @AHighwalker_420 Lets figuratively grind the nazis up to a dust finer than the keef from my grinder
  6. The smoke is strong in this one.
  7. Who has the highground, now?!

    In solidarity with my new X identity I've decided I am now Anakin Highwalker on Post!!! I hope youll continue following me on the journey of exposing and beating nazis with mockery
  8. Stand with me on the highground!!!

    Follow my new account on X! (If you have X) So yes I know X is a cesspool of nazis but I like to dunk on nazis and you can join in on the fun and watch along for as long as that account lasts.
  9. I'd like to contact media matters. Who's got an in???

    Are there any members of media matters on here??? I wanna share how broken and faulty the X enforcement system is. I was locked out of a new account and no rules were cited in the email that they send... Yes I'm playing the role of Anakin Highwalker. I'll always have the high gro
  10. #AskingForAFriend

    Please help me clear this up... Does this look like a "glorification of violence" as written in the X terms and conditions??? Like and repost if think YES Comment if you think NO
  11. Let's debunk the Chauvin is innocent lie

    So the far right is trying to say Derek Chauvin is innocent by cherry picking a page of his autopsy and presenting it out of context... So I went and found the full autopsy.. Guess what it says right off the bat???
  12. So Elon Did a thing... we should all watch... in horror...

    So um Elon Musk has weaponized republican attorney generals... This is the most fucked up thing I have ever seen from the self proclaimed walking definition of free speech... Media Matters exposed that nazi backed content was appearing next to ads and elon has been boosting nazis a
  13. Voting is only a tool for Republicans, not a belief.

    Yeah so I know I'm not from Ohio but I, like many others, monitored their referendum elections. In short, they voted to enshrine the right to an abortion into their state constitution. But the Ohio Republican Party is unwilling to accept the results... Here is a Before/After of Beth
  14. Anyone else enjoy being locked out of an account for breaking no rules whatsoever??? Thank God that don't happen here on Post
  15. Welcome the Parody Jack Smith

    Welcome to you too. Yup this place is a safe space for truth and information because its not run by nazi trash. But dunking on nazis is a staple feature of X you won't get anywhere else (thankfully)
  16. I said it. If you supported January 6th, you no longer are allowed to celebrate July 4th. let's make this an unwritten rule
  17. Stay classy, GOP... Stay classy...
  18. #TWITTERWATCH Pride edition THIS is how you shut down transphobes
  19. Welcome back to #TWITTERWATCH

    #TWITTERWATCH special report. MTG thinks she's in 1945. Christopher Llyod has yet to comment on this act of grand theft time machine Follow me for more crucial #TwitterWatch updates
  20. #TwitterWatch update 49,040 ppl on Twitter would rather their kid be a white supremacist than gay... Sickening...

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