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Host of the Reality Revolution Podcast, Writer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Awe Junkie, Consciousness Explorer, Infinity Navigator, Sci Fi Junkie, Pearl Jam super fan, secret  agent of unconditional love

Host of the Reality Revolution Podcast, Writer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Awe Junkie, Consciousness Explorer, Infinity Navigator, Sci Fi Junkie, Pearl Jam super fan, secret  agent of unconditional love

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  1. Becoming Super Intelligent

    This episode is designed to help you enhance your cognitive abilities and become the best version of yourself. Being "super smart" is not just about having a high IQ or acing exams; it's about optimizing your brain's performance, learning effectively, and applying your knowledge
  2. Neville Goddard A State Called Moses

    In the Bible, "All of the characters from the beginning, from Adam to Jesus, are states of consciousness. As Blake said in his Vision of the Last Judgment: 'It ought to be understood that the persons Moses and Abraham are not here meant; these are only states as they were reveale
  3. Q'uo Sexual Energy Transfer

    "When you are able, in your sexual relationships with another that has the same devotion to the One Creator, and you dedicate the sexual energy exchange between the two of you to the seeking and serving of that One Creator, not only within yourselves, but within every entity that
  4. Large Sums Of Money Unleashed

    Mark your calendar and click the reminder, meditate with me at 2 PM PST on Saturday for Large Sums Of Money Unleashed. This is one hour long and it is always more effective when we meditate together. This is highly advanced meditation that combines affirmations and promptings for
  5. Seize Your Opportunity

    Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them." – William Arthur Ward Consider those who have soared: athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists. They didn't wait for opportunity to land on their laps. They stood up, sought it out, and seized it. They loo
  6. Do You Really Want Prosperity?

    I ask you one simple question, do you really want prosperity? Prosperity has always been within your grasp, but perhaps you don't really want it. Have you pondered whether you truly want to be prosperous this question is a gateway that if asked properly will bring amazing realiza
  7. Activating 4d Consciousness

    This is designed as an activation. Through the process of listening to this you will be activated into a fourth density consciousness. Each word is uniquely crafted to transform, reprogram and propel you into a higher level of consciousness. Have you ever had the feeling that the
  8. Brain Waves

    The human brain is a complex and fascinating organ that has captivated the minds of scientists, philosophers, and spiritual seekers for centuries. At the core of our brain's activity are the electrical impulses known as brain waves. These oscillating patterns of neural activity a
  9. Q'uo On The Law Of Attraction, Stargates And The Black Eyed Children

    For Q'uo Sunday we have another fascinating and recent Q'uo channeling that addresses a variety of topics including The Law of Attraction; star children; stargates; postpartum psychosis; the aliveness of stone; building the great pyramid; financial gifts; DNA; reincarnation; seco
  10. Dreaming In The Crystal Palace

    Join me for a brand new sleep meditation premiering at 8 PM PST Discover the Crystal Palace Meditation—a guided experience that will help you delve into your inner world and find clarity, purpose, and renewed energy. Within the luminous halls of the crystal palace a wonderful plac
  11. Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill (Unabridged Audiobook)

    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the ultimate success classic, timeless, powerful and profound. This is a special no music edition available for free for a limited time, prior to being released on audible. This book changed my life. Once I read this book I was able to conce
  12. Raising Your Vibration

    Imagine a world where you could tap into an infinite source of energy, a wellspring of positivity and potential that permeates every aspect of your being. A world where you could effortlessly shed the negative influences that weigh you down and embrace a life of abundance, joy, a
  13. How to Develop Decisiveness

    Ready to make decisions faster and with more confidence? In today's dynamic world, the ability to be decisive isn't just a valuable skill—it's essential. This episode reveals why decisiveness is crucial for anyone seeking personal growth, professional success, and enhanced produc
  14. 10 Techniques To Manifest Large Sums Of Money

    Have you ever dreamed of effortlessly attracting large sums of money into your life? Do you yearn for a reality where financial abundance flows to you easily and consistently, allowing you to live a life of opulence and prosperity? If so, you're not alone. Many people desire to m
  15. What Must We Do? Believe!

    You know what you want in life? Assume that you have it. Fall asleep just as though you had it. Live as though you had it. Act as though you had it, and the world will conform to it. In a way you do not know and you haven’t the intelligence to devise the means necessary to produc
  16. Q'uo Connecting To The Higher Self

    Topics covered: Wanderers’ higher selves and their role in planetary evolution; spiritual growth and service through meditation; spirituality, depression, and service; spiritual growth and service to others; charging money for service; discerning and seeing the truth; spiritualit
  17. The Security Meditation

    Do you feel secure? Do you want to feel safe and prosperous? Those two things are the primary motives for most people. Join me for a meditation premiering Saturday at 2 PM PST designed to bring prosperity and security into your life. When ye go, ye shall come unto a people secure,
  18. Channeling The Master Motives

    What are the master motives in back of your life? If you know the dynamic urges that are driving you towards the achievement of your life goal, it may be easier to achieve your goal than if you do not know them. Every person who has achieved anything worthwhile, whether it was a mi
  19. Have You Lived Before?

    Have you ever wondered if your soul has experienced lives beyond your current one? This takes you on a journey into the enigmatic realm of past lives and reincarnation. We'll explore the age-old question, "Have you lived before?" and delve into the possibilities that lie within t
  20. Large Sums Of Money Activation

    This is the large sums of money activation. By listening to this words you will be activated into a reality where large sums of money come to you easily and quickly, in increasing quantities from multiple sources, on a continuous basis, in the best interest of all, with the free

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