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  1. By Robert Reich Friends, Three years ago today, the United States Capitol was attacked by thousands of armed loyalists to Donald Trump, some intent on killing members of Congress. Roughly 140 officers were injured in the attack . Four people died during the storming, while Capitol Po
  2. #GOPHypocrites
  3. Obama surprises VP, Joe Biden with Presidential Medal of Freedom ( If you want a refresher on why Joe Biden beat that lifelong professional fraudster in 2020, watch this. Even though he's old, we need him more than ever. You can watch it in chunks if you need to. But
  4. "Why Randomness Doesn’t Feel Random" @Kit_Yates_Maths @behscientist (Plus- Robert Woodrow Wilson and the Big Bang) “For what are myths if not the imposing of order on phenomena that do not possess order in themselves? And all myths, however they differ from philosophical systems

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