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  1. New MacBook Pro with Wi-Fi 6E support surfaces in regulatory database
  2. Sources: Apple could announce new Mac updates as soon as tomorrow #apple #tech
  3. Here’s why the iPhone 14 Plus is a commercial failure despite being a good smartphone
  4. AAPL lost a trillion dollars this year as iPhone shipments forecasted to drop into 2023
  5. Everything we know about the M2 Pro and M2 Max 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro
  6. Best games you should try on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV
  7. Get any new Apple products for Christmas? 🥰
  8. Here are some of the best features to try on your new Apple Watch
  9. 9 apps to try to unlock the full potential of your new Mac
  10. Battery replacement must be ‘easily’ achieved by consumers, in proposed European law
  11. Citi analyst sees growth for #Apple in 2023 despite iPhone 14 Pro production issues in holiday quarter
  12. Kuo: Mass production of iPhone SE 4 might be cancelled or delayed until 2024
  13. Apple Music needs these long-overdue features in 2023 #apple
  14. AirPods Max 2, AirPods 4, and AirPods Pro 3: Here are the latest rumors on when to expect them #apple #tech
  15. Apple reveals MLS Season Pass schedule following exclusive streaming rights deal
  16. Apple reportedly prepping ‘multiple new external monitors’ with Apple Silicon
  17. On this day in 1996, Apple Computer announced its $400 million acquisition of NeXT. This brought Steve Jobs back to Apple as an advisor. But it wasn't long before Jobs persuaded the board to make him C
  18. Apple finally details what’s new in the latest AirTag firmware updates
  19. How to turn on end-to-end encryption for iMessage, iCloud, iPhone backups in iOS 16.2

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