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  1. Everyone keeps asking “why is Alabama being so defiant - even of the SCOTUS’ order?” Now we get a possible answer. And it’s a doozy. Dark money: The backstory of Alabama's redistricting defiance
  2. If you thought Clarence Thomas's secret trips with billionaires were bad, wait until you hear what his wife, Ginni Thomas, has been up to Ginni Thomas should be removed from board managing Library of Congress funds - CREW | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
  3. How Trump cooked his own goose in Megyn Kelly interview
  4. Lauren Boebert is diverging from the Freedom Caucus at home as a response to her close finish last fall against Democrat Adam Frisch, in hopes of maintaining her seat. It's all just an act, always has been. Lauren Boebert ditches her MAGA brand in Colorado - POLITICO
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  6. WoW!!! This Guy Hits It Out Of the Park!!! 🤓
  7. Meet the "scholars" who created Florida's new Black history curriculum

    William Allen, the “scholar” who Ron DeSantis keeps citing to justify Florida’s new standards teaching that Black people “benefited” from slavery, previously compared Black people to “animals” and was charged with kidnapping a 14-year-old girl. Meet the "scholars" who created Flor

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