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  1. Republicans ROUTINELY (for decades) manufacture problems then blame Dems for them. If you're well-informed, read objective sources, and a critical thinker – this is obvious. Don't be manipulated.
  2. You all know I’m a big supporter of the Fourth Estate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t them out when they’re wrong. It’s incumbent upon all of us to defend the truth, and the way this election being covered so far is a farce. Last night, Biden won New Hampshire via write-in. He.
  3. Listen. If you live in Virginia, you better get out and vote next week because if you don't, this fucking whackadoo of a Governor is going to shit all over women's reproductive rights, and that'll be just for starters.
  4. It's in my calendar!
  5. Cyndi Lauper and Laura Dern ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥✊🏼✊🏼
  6. By: Helen Coster (Reuters) -Fox News Media and its top-rated host Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways, less than a week after parent company Fox Corp settled for $787.5 million a defamation lawsuit in which Carlson played a starring role. The outspoken Carlson embraced conserva
  7. If he just resigned, he could just keep going on vacation with his friends - if they still invited him.
  8. The Hypocrisy is astounding
  9. Everything that is wrong with unfettered capitalism is evident in this post.
  10. Residents near Ohio train derailment report dead fish and chickens as authorities say it's safe to return. #ohio #train #health #environment
  11. LOVE this!
  12. Once again, a group allied with bigotry tries to attack the school system to force their bigoted beliefs on EVERYONE! In addition they use stock photos as "parents" with testimonial style plugs for the bigotry. Disgusting.
  13. Accountability for Jan 6 needs to happen pronto.
  15. NOT HYPERBOLE ! ! ! THIS should SCARE the pants off of EVERY US AMERICAN CITIZEN ! ! !
  16. This!
  17. LOVE Katie Porter. Great book too.
  18. I like these ABCs

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