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On Twitter I was @Baileyinlimbo but things change.Β I was also a popcorn eating giraffe then things got real.

I'm only just starting out here on Post so I do hope you'll stop by and say hi

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  1. Anyone else scrolling Post like they're about to get snapped on the nose and locked out? I think I have PTwitterSD.
  2. I'm increasingly convinced that extending Ukraine NATO membership is the surest... only way to start to wind-down the Russia-Ukraine War & more importantly, hedge against accelerating instability in Russia. Beating a dead horse, the risk of escalation is not real. #NATOforUkraine
  3. Nails it!
  4. For as screwed up as the world is, the fact is that in 2022 could not have been any shittier for Trump, Musk, Ye, Putin, and Bannon.
  5. :-)))
  6. Everything you need to know about Musk comes with the knowledge of who he’s choosing to hang out with at the World Cup. As for the soccer, this may be the best World Cup final ever, now. We are now in

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