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“I’m not your lover, I’m not your friend, I am something that you’ll never comprehend…”Prince lyrics🔑Red Road Wanderer in 30 years of sobriety🧊Chicanx settler🍯Mexica descendent✏️learning to unlearn & unravel settler colonialism structures & mindsets❎💙she/they🫐

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  1. Rare moment of peaceful existence between Felix the cat and Sparky😏Felix thinks he’s a dog and is dominant, he’ll often intimidate and challenge Sparky😅They get jealous of each other and fight for m
  2. An entire career in advertising/marketing/communications & I have never seen this before. Well done!
  3. A little more information on the Pacific Northwest vandalism of substations. My bets are on right wingers.
  4. Hi. Please capitalize Native, First Nations, and Indigenous. Mvto.
  5. Ok, here I am! Now, I just need to look for people that I followed on Twitter😎

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