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  1. 👇 🇺🇸 "Sex Trafficking Survivor Calls Out Katie Britt for Misrepresenting Her Story" #KatieBritt #ScaryMom
  2. GOP is not only a cult operating as a political party, it's a death cult.
  3. Indeed!
  4. Yep!
  5. Sounds right!
  6. The text in the image reads: It's no accident that: You heard about Helen Keller instead of W.E.B. DuBois You learned about the Watts and L.A. Riots, but not Tulsa or Wilmington. You learned that George Washington's dentures were made from wood, rather than the teeth from slaves You le
  7. The GOP is not salvageable as a conservative party. It is now a hornet's nest of racism and christian nationalist fascism. Trump empowered them and they aren't going away. That's not to say that the GOP has no political power - it still does, for now. is no longer a plac
  8. Today's right wing ==GOP and we should say so. They are synonymous!
  9. The Republican Party Needs to Come to an End

    The Never-Trumpers like Charlie Sykes, David Frum, etc. seem to act as if once Trump is gone the GOP will be fine. THEY ARE WRONG! It’s like saying the Italian National Fascist Party will be fine once Mussolini is out of the way, or the National Socialist Party of Germany will be
  10. +1000
  11. The GOP rejection of the indictment before the actual charges are unsealed makes vividly clear they resoundingly oppose the fundamental principle of justice—that no one is above the law. This, more than any indictment of Trump, is the real danger to our democracy.
  12. Or...41% of Americans have been brainwashed.
  13. Every country has mental illness, but it’s America that has the epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings. It’s the guns.
  14. Silence in the face of wrongdoing, sanctions the wrong

    Food for thought from Elie Wiesel a Romanian-born American writer, professor, political activist, Nobel laureate, and Holocaust survivor.
  15. *AR-15 pins given to members of congress by Rep.Clyde who owns a gun range. #VoteBlueToSaveOurKids
  16. Mysticism is no solution for gun violence

    More evidence that "thoughts and prayers" is utter garbage. Scientific randomized study of prayers for cardiac patient had no (zero) positive impact -
  17. Don’t like. Don’t comment. Just re-post. Make the gun nut people see this in their fucking sleep tonight.

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