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  1. Start the day with good news Thanks to pressure from the White House and Democrats, pharma giant GlaxoKlineSmith said it would cap out-of-pocket costs for all its inhaled asthma and chronic lung disease medicines at $35 per month for eligible patients in the United States, followi
  2. Start the day with good news Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed into law several gun safety bills which impose new safety and reporting requirements for gun dealers and owners, as well as law enforcement agencies.
  3. Start the day with good news The Biden administration restored rules to protect imperiled species and shield their habitat from destruction after the measures were rolled back under former President Donald Trump.
  4. Start the day with good news How Schools in Germany Are Preparing Students for Flexible Futures With interest in vocational training on the rise in the US and elsewhere, a German program promising “no graduation without connection” could provide a model.
  5. Start the day with good news The Phoenix, AZ city council unanimously passes an ordinance requiring heat protection for outdoor workers.
  6. The Yurok tribe regains rightful control of 125 acres of their land , which they will manage in cooperation with the U.S. National Parks Service.
  7. 20% and counting of an estimated 43M student loan borrowers have their debt canceled under President Biden’s initiatives.
  8. Start the day with good news At ‘Garbage Cafes,’ You Can Trade Plastic Bottles for Free Food Designated eateries in India’s capital are addressing the problem of plastic waste while providing warm meals for those in need.
  9. Start the day with good news The Office of Management and Budget updates standards for collecting and utilizing race and ethnicity data to improve it policies, programs, and investments in Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities.
  10. Start the day with good news The Interior Dept.’s Bureau of Land Management limits methane production from drilling operations on federal and Tribal lands.
  11. Start the day with good news Court rules Switzerland violated human rights in landmark case over climate change An international court ruled Switzerland’s failure to tackle the climate crisis violated human rights, in a judgment experts say could have a ripple effect across the glo
  12. A Tidal Wetland Restoration of Epic Proportions Salt ponds form a vast mosaic spanning thousands of acres in California’s South Bay. But a 50-year transformation is underway.
  13. Start the day with good news U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón’s “You Are Here” project features poetry installations as public art throughout national parks.
  14. Start the day with good news CO’s state House will consider a ban on assault weapons for the first time.
  15. Start the day with good news The Towns Outsmarting Airbnb Communities across the US are finding clever ways to crack down on the short-term housing market, making more homes available for residents.
  16. Start the day with good news FL: A federal court overturns a provision of a state law aimed at preventing aspiring Americans from helping people register to vote.
  17. Start the day with good news MS: Six former law enforcement officers face legal consequences for abusing two Black residents of Rankin County.
  18. Start the day with good news NJ: A court bars the use of new “county line” ballots in the state’s June primaries that would have introduced undemocratic bias due to how candidate’s names were listed.
  19. Start the day with good news Saving Migratory Fish, One Culvert at a Time Millions of barriers underlie American roadways, blocking the passage of fish. The US is working to fix them.
  20. Start the day with good news Beaufort, SC’s school board upholds students’ access to diverse reading materials and returns the majority of 97 challenged books to school shelves.

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